Remaining Cornelius Reid Books in Print in the US!

48e2c3dbffd80cf021f9fbe8f94ea656Hi Everyone!

I just found out that the remaining Cornelius Reid (1911-2008) books in print are being sold through this wonderful publications outlet run by Glendower Jones. Cornelius Reid is known as one of the first functional voice trainers to write about systematic registration development as the foundation of singing well, and he was also one of the first to write about the mind/body connection and the development of the psyche.

Jeanie Lovetri, founder of Somatic VoiceWork tm: The Lovetri Method, basis her work on Reid.  And back in 1979, for a graduate work pedagogy project, we had to chose and write about an historical pedagogy figure. Guess who I chose? Cornelius Reid. To say he has been one of my “principle teachers” is an understatement.

The only book that is outdated a bit is the one on vocal terminology. But, once again, he was the first pedagogue to write about unifying the language voice teachers, singers and voice scientists use so they can better understand each other.

Hope this helps you round out your library!